Family counseling



The purpose of this is to give practical information regarding the nursery organization, as well as to guide them as parents with their possible problems and to discuss them. Some children are traumatized by the home situation and cry a lot in the beginning. The caretakers try, in conversations with the parents/mothers, to discuss this and help improve the home situation.


De moeders deponeren zelf geld bij de bank. Van de rente die ze hiervoor krijgen hebben ze de mogelijkheid hun leven te verbeteren. Soms door nieuwe huizen te bouwen of door bedrijfjes op te zetten. Maar hierdoor kunnen ze ook kleine bedragen lenen voor de aankoop van een bril of andere noodzakelijke dingen. Ze lossen dit af met een kleine rente.


They also supervise self-help groups. These are groups of about 20 women who got to know each other because their children went to daycare. They organized themselves a so-called “parent group.” These women, after their children leave the nursery to go to elementary school, continue as self-help groups.

The organization of this is very structured. There is a president, a secretary and a treasurer. As these positions pass to other women each year, they learn, among other things, to stand up for themselves.

There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.

Nelson Mandela