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During three missions for the PUM ( Dutch Senior Experts) to Bangalore – India, 1999 – 2000 and 2001, one of the board members came into contact with the Mother – Superior of a Franciscan Monastery in Bangalore. She was invited to visit the slums of Bangalore. The city has a total of 120 slums. In 16 of these slums sisters and employees of the convent work. They actually try to support and help the residents but especially the mothers and children.


The confrontation with the very poor and sad living conditions of
these residents and the dedication of the nuns and staff of the convent as well as the courage and will to survive of these mothers and residents led to the establishment of a cooperation since 2001 ( Project Bangalore ) with the aim: to set up and continue crèches in these slums for children aged 2½ – 6 years.

In April 2006, Project Bangalore was transformed into the Bangalore Foundation.


The Foundation aims to : support the work of the Franciscan Monastery in Bangalore – India in setting up and continuing projects in or near Bangalore to promote the health and education of children and their mothers.

Budget and Management


An annual budget and financial statement are prepared. A number of accounts and procedures have been drawn up for management:

  • Pay account transferring funds to the crèche – project in Bangalore.
  • Savings account ( this is the actual Fund )

Annual reporting both internally and externally:

  • Close bank details and expiry check of the Fund
  • KPI reporting for the benefit of the Funds.
  • Financial budget as a control for the amount of the Fund.


To guarantee in the short term the continuation of the financial
contribution for the benefit of already established crèches.

In the long term to expand the number of crèches, if possible, by setting them up in other slums.


The allowance to the Franciscan Convent is determined by the number of children and the variable costs associated with them such as:

  • salaries of the leaders
  • rent ( electricity, gas , water )
  • feeding
  • medical check-up
  • travel expenses etc.

A quarterly amount is transferred related to the cost of the above variables. A calculation is prepared in advance and submitted to the board members for approval .

Once a year between May / July the Monastery reports regarding the state of affairs at the executive level . In addition, the Foundation receives a financial statement with an auditor’s report.

Remuneration policy

No remuneration is granted to the board members.


Foundation recruitment consists of a number of components:

  • One-off requests when expanding and continuing the crèches.
  • Annual contribution from funds/donors/friends.
  • Maintaining contacts by sending the annual Newsletter and New Year’s greeting to all sponsors/donors and friends in the month of December.
  • Other private initiatives and actions such as organising and preparing (Christmas) markets etc. by selling self-made articles.
  • Presentation to groups.



Raising funds and informing them by sending:

  • An annual report of the activities carried out by the management and staff of the Franciscan Convent in Bangalore.
  • An annual report from the accountant in Bangalore.
  • The operating account and balance sheet and KPI overview.
  • The list of names of the children placed at the 12 nurseries.
  • The annual newsletter and New Year greeting to all sponsors-donors-friends in December.

Board duties

In addition, the board has the following recurring tasks:

  • Presentations on the project at the invitation of a interest groups.
  • Liaising regularly with the management of the monastery in Bangalore.
  • Sending the necessary funds periodically for the benefit of the project
  • .

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.


In conclusion

Every year, this policy plan should be reviewed and updated as necessary.

Oldenzaal, 8 February 2023

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