Daycare centers


Daycare centers

Currently, there are 12 daycare centers. They are all situated in the slums, there are 596 legal slums in Bangalore.
On average, the centers are attended by 50 children, which means we have care for 600 children every day. Because the children are cared for from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., their mothers can work and ensure that the family situation improves. This is also what we hear every time from the mothers.

The children are presented by social workers and the nursery leaders who go into the slum for this purpose. The family situation improves. But it is especially important that the children receive good care and are safe. There is a lot of alcoholism which means that many fathers are practically not contributing financially to family life. And so it is important that the mothers, who keep the families “running”, can go to work with peace of mind.

It always seems impossible until it’s done

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The teachers try very hard to teach the children. For example, in all nurseries there are posters with fruits, vegetables, animals, numbers, the days of the week, etc. And all in English.

They get a hot meal every day, freshly cooked by the teachers. A doctor comes twice a year for a medical check-up and they learn to socialize. So when they go to elementary school, the observation is that they are healthy and social and already have some basic knowledge. And therefore have an advantage over children who have not attended nursery.

After-school care

Another activity resulting from the crèche project is care after 3 p.m. for children whose mothers cannot pick up the children until later due to their work. The children can then stay in the nursery until 6:30 p.m. The number of children using this varies.

New daycare center

On May 26, 2018, the 8th daycare center opened. This center is an initiative of the Rotary club Bangalore Lakeside. To raise the necessary funds, they have developed all kinds of activities and again sought close cooperation with Rotary club Delden-Borne, which has also pledged financial support for this creche. We are very grateful to both clubs for their unfailing support. The nursery is located in the slum of Iblur and has two leaders who take care of 50 children. The crèche has been very nicely painted by Rotary members and has a very child-friendly feel to it.