8th Day care center


The 8th day care center made possible by Rotary club Bangalore Lakeside and Delden-Borne. After some time of silence, we have great news. On 26 May 2018, the 8th daycare center opened. The center is located in the Slum Iblur. It has 2 leaders taking care of 50 children. This center is the initiative of the Rotary Club Bangalore Lakeside. To raise the required funds, they have developed all kinds of activities. Close cooperation has also been sought again with the Rotary Club Delden-Borne, which has also pledged financial support for this 8th center. We are therefore very grateful to both clubs for their unfailing support.

Rotary members are working hard at decorating the new center. Partly as a result, a cheerful child-friendly look has been created.